Things to do in San Ignacio


Things to do in San Ignacio: It’s a place where time flies and adventure lives. San Ignacio is like living in paradise. It is a great place for family vacation, adventure travelers, retirees, and a perfect home away from home. As one of Belize top destination for tourist, it’s definitely a place worth visiting on your Belize vacation.

Where is San Ignacio, Belize?

Where is San Ignacio Belize? San Ignacio is located in the western part of Belize. The little Caribbean and Central American country stuffed between Mexico and Guatemala. Belize, the only country that has dual regional placement, is a part of the Caribbean and Central America. Many may hear of this little town, and adventures may come to mind. Things to do in San Ignacio Belize are endless. The ATM Cave, Mayan Temples, and Rivers expeditions are just a few. These words aren't sufficient to describe a unique destination of such, which holds many beauty and wonders! San Ignacio is known for its  friendly people, various cultures, great food and bountiful adventures!



Things to do in San Ignacio Belize

Belize Adventures are unlimited. One vacation to Belize may never be enough. Where are most adventures located? You guessed it, San Ignacio Town! Many move to Belize or revisit every year because of all Belize has to offer, from Jungle to Beach. The cultures are so amazing to raise a child and the experience is second to none. Hence many move to Belize, and not only Belize but to the friendly town of San Ignacio.

Nevertheless as much as taking a drink is wonderful and makes us feel great, there’s much more than that to do in a small town. You may just want to explore and get your limbs active and get your list of “things to do” completed. Let’s start with the world most recommended; The ATM Cave, Belize largest Mayan temple, Caracol, Mountain Pine Ridge, apart from those we’ll throw in Cave tubing, Horseback Riding, Belize Zoo just to name a few more.

Now you may be tired right? No problem. Lastly, hosting some of the best and most recommended jungle resorts, San Ignacio has many great and affordable resorts like the Midas Resort, San Ignacio Hotel, Cahal Pech Village Resort and Rainforest Inn. These are the popular ones of the many that are hosted in this amazingly beautiful place.

Thinking of a Belize destination? San Ignacio is one you don’t want to miss. This is why we live where A Life of Adventure! Things to do in San Ignacio Belize are endless!!

Places to Eat in San Ignacio –

Things to do in San Ignacio Belize is EAT! It is a great food destination. The main area of San Ignacio Town is the famous Burns Avenue. A street now closed especially for customers. No traffic, therefore you can walk peacefully and safely. On this same street you will discover the best restaurants in town. You will find Eva’s, Hannah’s, and Serendib just to name a few. These are the oldest restaurants in the town, holding a famous name like no other.

Belize Resorts

Nevertheless, apart from things to do in San Ignacio. There are many Jungle Resorts, Lodges, and Hotels. There are 5 star resorts like the San Ignacio Resort, as well as backpacking hostels like Bella’s Hotel. In San Ignacio, there’s something to offer for every traveler that visits Belize. San Ignacio hosts some of TripAdvisor top jungle resorts.